Daniel Buckley Ministries

A Community Chaplain's Service


Whether you're planning a small back yard service or a beachside wedding I would be honored to conduct your ceremony. We specialize in conducting Traditional Christian Ceremonies. In saying that, both the names of God and Jesus are mentioned, prayers are said, and blessings are given throughout the ceremony. From the Vero Beach area to Cocoa Beach and all areas in between we can handle your event.

In the event that you are planning a Rehearsal / Dinner there would be no additional cost for my attendance. In addition; you may choose to conclude your ceremony with the ever popular "Sand Ceremony" for which is also included in the cost. Weather permitting we will conduct your ceremony with a portable PA system.

We ask that you make a donation to this Ministry in the amount of only $75.00. Be sure to contact us in advance in order to lock-in your date. Hope to hear from you real soon. Take care and God bless.

Chaplain Daniel

Daniel Buckley Ministries is a Full Service, Non-denominational Christian Ministry Serving All God's People.