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With Many It Only Takes a $1 - Ask Us How

With Many - It Only Takes a $1

This is our #1 fundraising program.

Not only is it very successful but also very popular among our supporters. The reason of course is obvious - it only takes a $1.00 (a buck). Being a Ministry in lieu of a church, we have no congregation, therefore; we must rely on all of our contributions from the public and private sources. At Daniel Buckley Ministries, we have found that even in tough times as these - it is easier to ask you, as one of our supporters, to donate a dollar, then it would be to ask you for more than you can handle.

We feel most everyone has capability of donating a dollar without creating any problems. Of course we would most graciously accept any amount above this if you feel the good Lord is leading you to do so. The donation of $1.00 with many goes a lot further than one might be aware of. This Ministry's main objective of providing a visitation program to the sick and terminally ill, for those with no home church, thus no ministerial representation in their times of need. Your donation of only $1.00 (buck) helps to cover the expenses needed to support our efforts.

The Bible teaches us that we are to respond to our Brothers and Sisters in the time of need, so by making a donation today is the right thing to do. Please go to our "Donate Page" for instructions on making your donation.

Thank you and may the good Lord bless you.

Daniel Buckley Ministries is a Full Service, Non-denominational Christian Ministry Serving All God's People.