Daniel Buckley Ministries

A Community Chaplain's Service

Our Mission

Imagine yourself lying in a hospital bed, laid up with some type of sickness or faced with a lengthy recovery in a nursing home. Now imagine what it would feel like not having anyone come visit or call you to see how you were doing.

Unfortunately, for many this is the case.

Hospital visitation, for most, is not easy to do. Everyone there is ill, and the smell of the hospital can be uninviting, not to mention yes - death is in the air. God has called me into ministry for the establishment of a visitation program for our sick and terminally ill, of those individuals whom do not have any Ministerial representation in their time of need.

Here at the Ministry, it is our mission to accomplish the will of God. Through our obedience to him, we have found that lives can be forever changed through our faith, for which works by love. Sharing of God's world can bring hope and compassion into the lives of those hurting. It is also our mission that we bring assurance of salvation and lead people into a relationship with Christ if they chose to do so, and to help those already in Christ to deepen an existing one.

But most of all, we are a Ministry of presesnce. We are of a non-denominational faith serving all God's children throughout the Brevard County, Flordia area. If your family has a need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

God loves you and so do we.

Chaplain Daniel

Daniel Buckley Ministries is a Full Service, Non-denominational Christian Ministry Serving All God's People.